Foam Pro offers both residential and commercial property owners cellulose insulation that can help with soundproofing and keeping energy costs down. In fact, once installed, it can save you 20% – 50% on your utility bills.

Advantages of cellulose installation:

Long term cost savings
Sound installation
Helps guard against mold and pests
Has the highest fire safety rating


Cellulose or blown-in insulation is ideal for retrofit areas in your residential or commercial property where you want to leave existing wall or ceiling surfaces up. The advantage is being able to get insulation into these cavities without the cost and hassle of taking down sheetrock and/or clapboards.  We also offer customers a dense pack option. Dense pack cellulose is ideal when assessing retrofit work in existing wall cavities.

Cellulose’s popularity is increased by its ease of installation. It can be installed quickly and easily by taking down one or two clapboard rows on the exterior of the building and pumping the material in.

In attics, blown-in cellulose can even be added on top of existing fiberglass insulation to provide a higher R value than what your home currently has.