Our Insulation Services

At locally owned Foam Pro, we serve both residential and commercial customers in Stowe, Rutland, Burlington, Waitsfield, Mad River Valley, Sugarbush, Woodstock, and Waterbury. We work hard to make sure that your home, office, or building is properly insulated and not costing you extra in energy bills by ineffectively heating and cooling your home or commercial property.


We can install foam insulation in attics, basements, new home additions and add-ons, new houses, remodeled houses, mudrooms, barns, and around windows.


Our owner supervised insulation experts work to make sure that you get the right kind of insulation for your home or business. We specialize in two types of foam insulation:


Cellulose: A type of insulation that works best in retrofit areas – without the need to remove sheetrock or other building materials to install. It’s also one of the simplest types of foam insulation to be installed.


Spray Foam Polyurethane: A type of foam insulation that offers nearly double the R value per inch of other types of foam insulation. Spray foam polyurethane doesn’t need ventilation so it’s great for closed in areas and can be sprayed on varying types of surfaces and small crawl spaces.


Both types of insulation have their benefits. For spray foam polyurethane, the biggest benefits are that it gives additional strength to the structure of your building or home, keeps out allergens like pollen and dust, and doesn’t allow for the infiltration of your moisture in your home. Cellulose has many similar benefits, but is a better preemptive measure against mold, offers better soundproofing, and has the highest fire safety rating.


Call us to speak to one of our insulation experts and find out how we can help you create a more comfortable home or business with the right kind of foam insulation.